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Langs Industrial and F. G. Langs take your internet Security and the Safety of your personal information extremely seriously!

When we originally set up this website as a "pay site" we considered all the possible alternatives and what they would mean and how we would enforce safety procedures. The best, easiest, most reliable and viable option has consistently been to use paypal.

Paypal is a versatile and dynamic payment system, with its own built in security systems, which have proven their worth consistantly over the years and with millions of transactions.

Paypal has been establish for many years. Providing an excellent service to all of the people who use it. You don't have to use the paypal account, you can purchase using your credit or debit card through paypal too.

Peace of mind

Paypal has it's own multi-level security systems and Secure Socket Layer (SSL), ensuring all transactions made through Paypal are one of the most secure and reliable on the internet.

Therefore, you can enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that your money is safe with every transaction.

Secure SSL connection

We now incorporate SSL (secure socket layer) encryption on the website, which means your personal data is also secure now too! As an added layer of security to ensure that the data you let us keep is secured by a secure connection, and therefore is even more secure on our website.


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